Instruction by Levi  or training your horse by Levi

30 minutes session 30 euro

45  minutes session 40 euro

50 minutes session 50 euro

* price at our location other location on request

Training Sporthorses 

1000 euro per month

Exlusive all other costs as VET , Farrier , Contests Transport , etc.

Horseruck rent

2-horse truck 165 euro per day 

2-horse truck with driver starts at 50 eur per our 

6-horse truck 

6-horse truck with driver price on request 

Caravan for rent 100 euro per 2 days


We have some stables available for permanent or temporary high class livery.

Rehabilitation or Retirement,

Holiday break or holiday care for your horse,

7 days a week, all inclusive.

€ 45 per day with a minimum of 3 days.