Sold - Druppel


Kringkampioen 2015 CL

Kringkampioen 2016 CM

Kringkampioen 2016  CZ

Brabantskampioen 2015 CM

Brabantskampioen  2016 CZ

3de Nederlandse Kampioenschappen CZ 2016


Druppel is a tough skewbald C pony with a very big heart.

He is only 8 years old and has many victories on his name .

Druppel is a forward pony with a big canter and will always jump.

Will not always be suitable for a novice rider but if you dare you go with him for Gold!

Druppel has a super attitude and will always help you on the course

He jumps with ease the highest class, 1:10 to 1:20 cm.

He is 136.9 cm and no longer needs to be measured.

Daytime grazing is required since he has a lot of energy.

No abnormalities or defects , no problems travelling in the trailer or truck also Dentist, VET no problem.

Higher price, Druppel is still a very young pony that has already proven and with lots of potential.

Druppel , recently tested clinically and X-ray’s any new test on your own costs.

 Sold to England